Simply Slim PLR Bundle Review and OTO

Simply Slim PLR Bundle Review and Bonus by Rick Warid – Proven Strategies For Weight Loss, Shopping & Sample Meal Plan For A Week

Simply Slim PLR Bundle Upsell by Rick Warid

Presenting this Simply Slim PLR Bundle upsell, This is secret formula in super rapid time, that the other guys wont tell you about.

Rick Warid here and firstly i would like to thank you for stopping by and checking out my latest release in the booming weight loss market. My niche PLR Offers have become known for both quality and value for money while providing my valued partners with high epc’s and thousands of dollars on commissions with very low refund rates. If it is your first time working with me welcome, I look forward to making you some easy, good money on this launch. To my regular partners thank you as always for your amazing support and loyalty! This latest niche PLR pack is jam-packed with value and offers a fully done for you info product in a hot market! The pack includes PLR ebook, sales system, affiliate materials and a lot more…see further down for details. Your customers will love this done-for-you package in this hot market at a very affordable price.

That’s a total cost of over $5000 with time and effort involved, but I wouldn’t even dream of selling it at that price because this is a 4 day Introductory Special Offer and will not be available anywhere else at this price. Also I strive to provide the best quailty PLR packages at rock bottom prices that the masses can afford So you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the price. Very soon the price will rise to $37 when it goes on public sale on my website! So if you’re serious about quickly and easily claiming your share of this market..Don’t wait, now is the time to get in. If you are still on the fence about this, why not test drive the product and see for yourself the value you are getting and if you’re not 100% satisfied I will gladly refund your purchase and to top it off you even get to keep the bonuses. That’s how much I believe in this product.

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Simply Slim PLR Bundle is very simply to apply and very suggested for Internet Marketers. Simply Slim PLR Bundle Review and Bonus by Rick Warid – Proven Strategies For Weight Loss, Shopping & Sample Meal Plan For A Week is truly an outstanding product – Simply Slim PLR Bundle Review

Watch the demo Simply Slim PLR Bundle here :

Simply Slim PLR Bundle Review and Bonus by Rick Warid – Proven Strategies For Weight Loss, Shopping & Sample Meal Plan For A Week

Simply Slim PLR Bundle Review

Simply Slim PLR Bundle review

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Simply Slim PLR Bundle OTO / Upsell / Downsell :

Main Product

  • “Simply Slim” – 7,000+word, 50 Page Ebook Detailing Simple Secrets To Permanent Weight Loss
  • Full Ecover Graphics
  • List Building Giveaway Report “10 Weight Loss Roadblocks To Avoid”
  • Lead Capture & Thank You Pages
  • Sales System Comprising Of Salespage With Copy Written
  • Salesletter And Thank You Page
  • Set Of 15 Eye Catching Promotional Banners Optimized For
  • The Most Popular Sizes
  • Full Source Files Including All PSD’s
  • Premium Print Quality License Packs
  • Detailed Keyword Reports
  • Exact Match Domain Names
  • 5 Premium Articles
  • Extra Bonuses

Upgrade Gold Version PLR Bundle

  • Simply Slim MP4 Video Course Of Ebook
  • Upsell & Downsell Sales Funnel Pages
  • Legal Pages
  • 5 Part Email Series Promoting Upsell Video Course
  • MP3 Audio Version
  • Animated Flip Version Of Ebook
  • Royalty Free Images
  • 10 Tweets
  • 10 Social Media Updates
  • 10 Social Media Quote Posters
  • Weight Loss Roadblocks To Avoid Infographic
  • Many Extra Bonuses

Downsell Gold Version (No Bonuses)

  • Simply Slim MP4 Video Course Of Ebook
  • Upsell & Downsell Sales Funnel Pages
  • Legal Pages
  • 5 Part Email Series Promoting Upsell Video Course
  • MP3 Audio Version
  • Animated Flip Version Of Ebook
  • Royalty Free Images
  • 10 Tweets
  • 10 Social Media Updates
  • 10 Social Media Quote Posters
  • Weight Loss Roadblocks To Avoid Infographic

Here’s what you will find in the guide

  • Chapter 1 – Getting Your Head In The Game – Mental Preparations
  • Chapter 2 – First Things First – Current Assessment
  • Chapter 3 – Nutrition & Diet Overview
  • Chapter 4 – Macronutrients & Calories
  • Chapter 5 – Proven Strategies For Weight Loss
  • Chapter 6 – Adding Exercise Into The Mix
  • Chapter 7 – Shopping & Sample Meal Plan For A Week
  • Chapter 8 – Beginner Mistakes To Avoid
  • Bonus Chapter – Tools, Apps & Resources

Simply Slim PLR Bundle Modules :

Module 1 – The Simply Slim Ebook

With this package you will receive a Brand New high quality guide that will uncover simple secrets to lose weight permanently. At 52 pages long and 7,200+ words this all new guide will appeal to Health Enthusiasts who are looking to lose weight but don’t know where to start. Included with the ready made PDF version, You will also receive the ebook in 2 different editable formats.

  • .PDF,
  • Microsoft Word DOC,
  • Open Office .ODT

Here’s What You Will Find In The Guide…

  • Chapter 1 – Getting Your Head In The Game – Mental Preparations
  • Chapter 2 – First Things First – Current Assessment
  • Chapter 3 – Nutrition & Diet Overview
  • Chapter 4 – Macronutrients & Calories
  • Chapter 5 – Proven Strategies For Weight Loss
  • Chapter 6 – Adding Exercise Into The Mix
  • Chapter 7 – Shopping & Sample Meal Plan For A Week
  • Chapter 8 – Beginner Mistakes To Avoid
  • Bonus Chapter – Tools, Apps & Resources

Ebook Sample

  • Chapter 1 – Get Your Head In The Game

For everyone that is overweight, there are one or more reasons that they can’t seem to lose weight, but unless they have a legitimate medical condition that is preventing them from losing weight, then the biggest barrier is their mentality. There are several reasons that many people share that can make it difficult or even impossible to lose weight.

  • You Think of Food the Wrong Way

For many people, food is a way to comfort or entertain themselves. They eat not because they’re hungry or because they need to sustain themselves, but because they’re sad, happy, or bored. Often, the foods we eat when we’re sad are high in carbohydrates and unhealthy fats, and are known as “comfort foods” because they comfort us. Instead, you have to start thinking about food for what it actually is: a tool that you’re using to provide nutrients to your body. It can make you gain weight or lose weight depending on how you use it. It can make you healthier and even cure various afflictions if you’re using it right, or it can make you sick by causing new conditions or worsening existing ones.

  • You’re Not Willing to Change Your Habits

Most of weight loss and weight maintenance is about having good habits. However, for many people, they feel stuck in their ways and aren’t willing to change their habits for the long term. A crazy crash diet can help you lose weight fast, but you won’t be able to keep it off for long since you most probably will go back to your old habits as soon as you’ve dropped a few pounds. To lose weight and then keep it off, you have to be willing to change your habits, particularly when it comes to eating. Everything you are is a result of your habits, from where you are in your job to the way your house looks and how much you weigh. Cutting out bad habits and replacing them with good ones is the only way that you’ll be able to get yourself healthy.

  • Your Weight is Connected to Psychological Problems

For some people, a bad relationship with food and bad eating habits are connected with deep psychological problems related to shame and a fear of getting close to people. They feel ashamed of being obese, but eat as a way of dealing with the shame. Or, they are afraid to be vulnerable with people and see their extra weight as a way to keep people from getting too close to them. It may be hard to admit, but if you fall into this category of having these deep-seated issues, then you won’t be able to start your weight loss journey until you get professional help to deal with these problems. Just as you would see a medical doctor for a medical condition that you can’t solve yourself, you shouldn’t feel ashamed to seek help from a doctor to get help from a psychological problem.

Module 2 – HTML Minisite, Sales Letter & Legal Pages

  • Included within this module is a professionaly designed High Quality HTML Minisite designed for you to upload to your server in minutes and start selling the new course.
  • The minisite comes complete with a full marketing system comprising of a High Converting Sales Page, Download Page & Legal Pages.
  • Use the sales copy as is to start selling this product for yourself and keep 100% of the profits. Or use in any way you see fit
  • Use the Thank You page to redirect buyers back so they can quickly and easily access the book they just purchased
  • Also included within the thank you page is a recommended resources box. So you can simply add in another offer and bank on the back end

Module 3 – Professionally Designed Ecovers

Included within this package is a full set of professionally designed ecover graphics in a variety of different formats including:

  • Ecovers Include
  • Hardbook
  • Paperbook
  • DVD Case & DVD
  • Combined

Module 4 – 15 Promotional Banners

Included within this package is a full set of Ad words friendly Banners Or Use For Affiliate Tools to help sell your new product. These banners are provided in different styles totalling 5 banners of the most popular sizes.

PSD Source Files Included For Banners

Module 5 – Premium PLR Articles

For Search Engines, Content Is King!
In this module we are providing 5 Premium articles for you to use and brand yourself an authority on this topic.

Here are the titles of the articles

  • 5 must have foods to aid weight loss
  • Tips to maintain healthy eating when eating out
  • 3 exercises to ramp up your metabolism
  • Steps to setting Successful weight loss goals
  • Can I lose weight with diet alone?

Use these brand new quality Weight Loss articles as content for your site or blog, bundle into an ebook or make videos…It’s up to you! The only thing you can’t do with these articles is sell as a bundle

Module 6 – Giveaway List Building Report & Lead Capture Pages

In this module we are providing an opt in gift for you to use to build your list. The report is called “10 Weight Loss Pitfalls To Avoid” and is a short report designed to either be used as a lead magnet or as a bonus to the main offer. Also included are ready to go lead capture page & thank you page.

Module 7 – Premium Print Quality License Pack

In this module I have provided premium print quality licenses. Give to customers whatever Rights certificate you would like them to have. Included are:

  • Master Resell Rights
  • Resell Rights

Module 8 – Expertly Crafted Keyword Report

Knowing the buyer rich keywords is essential and basically the cornerstone of a successful campaign. In this fully detailed keyword report you will find the right keywords & Available Exact Domain Names to tackle within this very profitable market. Any and every current Weight Loss related keywords have been included and drilled down into a list of the most profitable keywords & exact match domain names. We’ve made sure to hunt down the current & absolute best keywords to start you off quickly and easily in the right direction.

Module 9 – Source Graphics

Included For Your Convenience Are All Editable PSD Files So You Can Quickly And Easily Modify All Graphics And Have A New Look In Minutes!

Simply Slim PLR Bundle Bonuses :

Bonus 1 – Profiting From PLR Products
Getting started and knowing what to do with PLR is the hardest thing. In this amazing bonus i have put together a package that introduces you to PLR and covers everything involved with making a PLR product unique and your own

Bonus 2 – Attracting Affiliates
Once you have the new PLR pack set up and made unique how do you plan on getting traffic to it? You could try your hand at SEO, you could spend your hard earned cash on ads…or you could get affiliates to drive traffic for you. In this special bonus learn exactly how to set up your affiliate program, make it irresistable to promote and much more.

Bonus 3 – Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets
Copywriting is one skill that should be on your list to master…especially with prices to outsource regularly in the thousands. At Last! There is a simple yet comprehensive guide that reveals how anyone can begin creating kick-butt sales copy in no time! Just Like The Pro’s…Without The Price Tag!

Bonus 4 – Healthy Eating  PLR Blog
Take all the time and hassle out of setting up a fully functioning blog with this pre loaded PLR blog on the topic of Healthy Eating. Just insert your affiliate links, upload and it’s ready to start earning! Installation guide included.

Bonus 5 – Traffic Extreme
One thing is for sure without traffic visiting your site! It’s something we all need and can never get enough of plus it’s impossible to make money without it…but don’t fret. In this bonus you will receive a guide called Traffic Extreme where you will uncover top ways to create unstoppable traffic to your websites.

Bonus 6 – Healthy-U 12 Part PLR Newsletter
In this amazing bonus you will receive full PLR rights to a 12 part newsletter series teaching how to reach peak health levels. Use the product with the website included or use the quality editable content in any way you see fit. Included is 12 Newsletters, Website Pages, Ecover Images, Source Files & Extra content. Comes with PLR.


For the 4 day launch period, if you purchase the new Simply Slim PLR pack you will also receive my best selling PLR pack “Weight Loss Resolution Roadmap” Absolutely FREE

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Simply Slim PLR Bundle Review

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